Tax law

Due to the frequent changes of the existing fiscal legislation of Ukraine, as well as a number of other reasons, the recent evidence of significant participation by the tax authorities to identify violations in the field of taxation.


The team has a broad practice in the area of ​​the following taxes: corporate income tax, the tax on personal income tax, value added tax, the fixed agricultural tax. As in the rest of the work, we integrated approach to protect the interests of the client in this industry. In this connection, when accompanied by any transaction, the process M&A, restructuring the corporate structure of the business, our experts are always paying attention to the tax consequences that these actions can lead to. While considering the complexities of tax disputes our team will offer you the necessary measures to change the scheme of taxation, business process optimization and structure of transactions, rather than point solution of the problems.


Our team is always happy to provide you with the following services:

  • Tax structuring of complex business structures, including the participation of non-resident components;
  • Development of processes optimization schemes, transactions and business structures in terms of the tax burden and foreign exchange legislation;
  • Representation in government bodies controlling the payment of taxes and other obligatory payments;
  • Administrative and judicial review of decisions of the fiscal authorities, legitimizing their actions and / or omissions.