Corporate law and M&A

A significant part of the experience of our team is focused on corporate law and M&A.

It is in this industry, as in no other important integrated approach to solving problems. A necessary condition for our quality of service is to understand the nature and the objectives of the corporate events, as well as the analysis of results of such changes in the follow-up. In connection with this, in conjunction with corporate change, significant attention is paid by our team to tax, currency and financial planning, in accordance with the tasks assigned to the structure.


Often an inherent part of the procedures M&A is the introduction of corporate control at different levels. Our experts are engaged in the development and implementation of corporate control structures, including the imposition of additional regulatory collegial bodies of individual supervisors, establishing limits for officials, the conclusion of anti-competitive agreements and non-disclosure agreements.


The experience of our team is not limited to the above package of measures, they also include the structuring of corporate transactions including with the involvement of financial institutions and guarantee loans, investment, and gradual repayment options. If necessary, we will be happy to take part in the negotiations under the agreement.


The services provided by our team of in this industry are:

  • Creating groups of entities, representative offices, subsidiaries and other entities, as well as corporate restructuring and reorganization of existing structures;
  • Drafting statutes, shareholder agreements and internal regulations;
  • Preparation and conducting  general meetings and  making the reports of decisions;
  • Preparation, structuring and support of M&A transactions;
  • Permitting antitrust and other regulatory bodies;
  • Pre-trial and judicial protection of the rights of shareholders, as well as other corporate dispute resolution;
  • Transactions in shares and assets;
  • The development and implementation of corporate control;
  • Accompaniment of bankruptcy and liquidation.